Who Is The Lead Singer Of Garbage?

The lead singer of Garbage sold over 17 million albums worldwide! This American rock band was formed in 1993 in Madison, Wisconsin. All the band members are now involved in the songwriter and production process. In today’s post, I will reveal who was the lead singer of Garbage.

Who Is The Lead Singer Of Garbage?

The lead singer of Garbage is Shirley Ann Manson who is a Scottish musician and actress. Shirley gained media attention for her forthright style, rebellious attitude, and distinctive voice. Duke Erikson (guitar, bass, keyboards), Butch Vig (drums, production), and Steve Marker (guitar, keyboards) were the other three members of the band.

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About The Lead Singer Of Garbage

Shirley was born in Edinburgh to Muriel Flora and John Mitchell Manson. Her father was a descendant of the fishing community of Northmavine and was also a university lecturer. While her mother was a big band singer who was adopted by a Lothian-based family at an early age. Manson was named after Charlotte Bronte’s novel Shirley.

Manson has two sisters named Lindy-Jayne and Sarah. Lindy-Jayne is two years older than her while Sara is two years younger than her. They together were brought up in the Comely Bank and Stockbridge areas of Edinburgh. Shirley Manson attended Broughton High School and her childhood education was informed by the Church of Scotland until age 12.

The lead singer of the band Garbage’s first musical experience came from briefly singing with local Edinburgh acts. She performed backing vocals with Autumn 1904. Later on, she recorded the tracks under the name Angelfish. Her music video “Suffocate Me” was aired once on MTV’s 120 Minutes. At that time, producer and musician Steve Marker caught the broadcast. He thought Manson would be a great singer for his Garbage band. In 1994, she started working with Garbage and became the public face of the band over the course of a tour!

Shirley Manson’s net worth is $16 million mostly earned through her successful career in music. Shirley even worked in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles after being asked to appear by series creator Josh Friedman. Shirley Manson in Terminator portrayed Catherine Weaver and its human model template.

She was married to Scottish artist Eddie Farrell from 1996 to 2003. Later, in 2008, Manson was engaged to record producer and Garbage sound engineer Billy Bush. The couple got married in 2010 in Los Angeles and continues to reside in Los Angles. She also owns a second home in the Edinburgh suburb of Joppa. The female lead singer of Garbage identifies as a feminist and has been hailed as a feminist icon!

Manson used Garbage’s profile and her own to raise awareness and secure funds for several causes. She even commissioned a Garbage branded lipgloss online. All earnings from the sales were split between Grampian Children’s Cancer Research and Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital in Scotland. She became an ambassador for the M.A.C AIDS Fund in 2001. She used all proceeds of the sale of the lipstick to help fund AIDS charities and initiatives. During band tours, Manson visited several AIDS charities and made several donations on behalf of the M.A.C AIDS Fund.

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Who Is The Singer In Garbage?

SHIRLEY Manson is best known as the singer of Scottish rock band Garbage. The songwriter, 54, is known for her distinctive voice and rebellious persona – we take a look at her career.

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The lead singer of the rock band Garbage is Shirley Manson, she is also a musician and actress. During her entire career, Manson commuted between Edinburgh and the US to record with Garbage. The lead singer of Garbage currently lives and works primarily in Los Angeles.

Where is lead singer of Garbage from

Who is the lead singer of garbage?