Efficiently Importing Coupon Codes into Magento 2: A Step-by-Step Guide

Running promotional campaigns with coupon codes is a proven strategy to drive sales and customer engagement in your Magento 2 store. However, manually creating a large volume of coupons can be time-consuming. Fortunately, Magento 2 allows for the importing of coupon codes, streamlining the process and enabling you to focus on other aspects of your promotion. This guide will walk you through the steps to efficiently import coupon codes into your Magento 2 platform.

Step 1: Prepare Your Coupon Codes

Before importing, you’ll need a list of coupon codes. You can generate these codes through a Magento extension, a third-party tool, or even a simple script, depending on your needs. Ensure your codes are in a plain text file, with one code per line for simplicity.

Step 2: Access the Cart Price Rules

Navigate to your Magento 2 admin panel and go to Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rules. Cart price rules in Magento 2 are where you define the conditions under which discounts are applied, including the use of coupon codes.

Step 3: Create a New Cart Price Rule in Magento 2

Click on Add New Rule to create a new cart price rule that will be associated with your imported coupon codes. Fill in the necessary information such as Rule Name, Description, Conditions, and Actions. Under the Coupon section, select Specific Coupon.

Step 4: Specify Coupon Use

After selecting Specific Coupon, you’ll see an option to use an auto-generated coupon or specify a coupon code. Since you’re importing coupons, you can ignore these options for now. However, ensure you configure the rest of the settings, such as discount amount, expiration date, and any applicable conditions for the rule.

Step 5: Import Your Coupon Codes

Magento 2 does not provide a default feature for directly importing coupon codes into a cart price rule from the admin panel. At this stage, you have two main options:

  • Use a Magento 2 Extension: There are extensions available that add the functionality to import coupon codes directly into your Magento store. Look for a “Magento 2 import coupon codes” extension in the Magento Marketplace. These extensions typically allow you to upload a file containing your coupon codes directly to the specific cart price rule you’ve created.
  • Custom Script Import: If you prefer a more hands-on approach or need a custom solution, you can write a script to import the coupons into your Magento database. This method requires a good understanding of Magento’s database structure and should be done by a developer. The script would directly insert your coupon codes into the database, associating them with the cart price rule you’ve created.

Step 6: Test Your Coupons

After importing your coupon codes, it’s crucial to test a few codes to ensure they apply the expected discount and comply with the conditions set in your cart price rule. Try applying the coupons during checkout to verify that everything works as intended.

Step 7: Launch Your Promotion

With your coupons imported and tested, you’re ready to launch your promotional campaign. Distribute your coupon codes to your customers through your chosen marketing channels, be it email, social media, or another method.


Importing coupon codes into Magento 2 can significantly enhance the efficiency of your promotional campaigns. Whether you choose to use an extension or a custom script, the ability to bulk import coupons is a powerful tool in your Magento arsenal. Always remember to test your setup thoroughly to ensure a smooth customer experience and to leverage the full potential of your promotional efforts.