What Is A Quarter Auction?

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In the realm of fun-filled fundraising and interactive events, the quarter auction stands out as a thrilling and engaging way for participants to win coveted items while supporting a charitable cause. This unique auction format combines elements of traditional auctions with an added layer of excitement and affordability, making it a favorite among attendees.

What Is A Quarter Auction?

A quarter auction is an event where attendees bid on items using quarters instead of traditional bidding paddles or monetary amounts. Before the auction begins, participants purchase numbered paddles or bidding cards for a small fee. Each item up for auction is assigned a specific number of quarters required to bid.

The Bidding Process

As the auctioneer presents an item, participants interested in bidding on it place a specified number of quarters (typically one to four) into a container or designated area. Then, the auctioneer draws a number or ticket at random. If the drawn number corresponds to a participant who placed quarters for that item, they win it by paying the stated number of quarters.

Benefits And Appeal

  • Affordability: Quarter auctions allow participants to bid on items without committing large sums of money. The low cost per bid makes it accessible to a wide range of attendees.
  • Variety of Items: Auction items often range from gift cards, handcrafted items, home goods, and more, offering a diverse selection that appeals to different tastes and interests.
  • Interactive and Entertaining: The dynamic nature of the auction, coupled with the element of chance, creates an engaging atmosphere, fostering excitement and friendly competition among attendees.
  • Supporting a Cause: Quarter auctions are often organized as fundraising events for charitable organizations, schools, or community initiatives. The proceeds from the event go towards supporting these causes.

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Tips For Successful Participation

  • Bring Quarters: Attendees should come prepared with plenty of quarters to participate in bidding on multiple items.
  • Pay Attention: Listen attentively to the auctioneer’s instructions and item descriptions to make informed bidding decisions.
  • Strategize: Decide which items are most appealing and plan bidding strategies accordingly to maximize chances of winning.

Community Engagement And Impact

Quarter auctions serve as more than just fundraising events; they foster a sense of community engagement and support. Participants come together to enjoy an evening of entertainment while contributing to a noble cause, making a positive impact on their community.


The quarter auction, with its blend of affordability, excitement, and charitable support, offers a unique and enjoyable experience for participants. From the thrill of winning items at a fraction of their value to the satisfaction of contributing to a worthy cause, these events exemplify how a simple yet innovative concept can bring people together for a night of fun and fundraising. As a popular fundraising tool, the quarter auction continues to leave a lasting impression, proving that generosity, camaraderie, and entertainment can harmoniously converge for a meaningful cause.


How Does A Quarter Auction Work?

Unlike a silent auction or a standard auction, the price of the item up for bid does not increase or decrease. Your chances of getting the item are purely based on whether your number is called when you put your quarters in for your paddle (hence the similarity to bingo).

What Does An All In Paddle Mean In A Quarter Auction?

With an ALL IN paddle you will be able to bid on any item at any time without putting in the specific number of quarters for the auction item on display like you will do with the $5 bidding paddle.

How Do You Play Quarter Craze?

Guests will give their bid (quarters) and hold up their numbered paddle. If you have more than one paddle, you must place quarters in the container for each numbered paddle you wish to bid with. When all bids are collected, then the auctioneer will draw a numbered chip from the container.

What Is Quarters For A Cause?

It’s a game where bidders play for prizes valued from $12-$50 or even higher. You have a chance to win great prizes for just quarters. All proceeds go to a local charity.

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