Top Picks for the Best Motion-Isolating Mattress


Malik Karman

Professional sleeper Eachnight blog freelancer Malik Karman. Malik has read hundreds of medical research and tried hundreds of bedding goods to understand what makes a good night’s sleep. Malik curates several of our “best mattresses” guides to help readers buy mattresses.

You probably don’t think much about motion isolation while you’re the only one in bed. However, once they began sharing a mattress, couples and parents who co-sleep with young children realized the need for motion isolation. Because of this, a mattress’s ability to dampen movement is crucial for a comfortable night’s sleep for both partners.

Although most mattresses boast motion isolation features, sorting through the claims made by various brands can feel like a fruitless exercise. The following mattresses all have a solid track record of living up to their claims of motion isolation. Here are our 3 Top Picks for the Best Motion-Isolating Mattress:

1. Layla Hybrid

Try out the Layla Hybrid if you and your partner are looking for a mattress that can be flipped to provide a different level of firmness. You can switch things up by turning this mattress over if you and your spouse are unsure about the most comfortable hardness level for you both.

It makes a difference physically and psychologically which side of this mattress you lay on. If you place it on its softer side, the surface you sleep on will be medium-soft, corresponding to about a four out of ten on the firmness scale. 

If you turn it over to the firm side, you will have an extremely firm mattress (7). This ensures that individuals who like to sleep on their stomachs or sides will still feel comfortable on the Layla.

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2. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid is yet another incredible cooling mattress for couples. It has various cooling technologies to keep you and your companion from becoming too hot while you sleep. It is also available in uncommon sizes, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to have a motion-isolating bed in their RV or camper.

This mattress was created to maintain your skin at the ideal temperature for sleeping, which is 88 degrees, which is three degrees colder than the typical skin temperature. This indicates that you will become immediately aware of the refreshingly chilly touch of your sleeping surface.

The GlacioTex cover of the Aurora immediately begins to cool you down when it touches your skin. Your sleep surface will stay even cooler thanks to a comfort layer of CopperFlexTM memory foam directly underneath the cover. This comfort layer uses phase-change technology, which boosts the heat-fighting properties of the copper infusions.

3. Bear Elite Hybrid

The Bear Elite Hybrid is a high-performance mattress that is also great for those who need a high level of motion isolation. Its motion-isolating pocketed coil core is versatile and supportive, and its copper infusions protect against allergies and excess heat.

You can choose from a light, medium, or firm Elite Hybrid. It’s up to you to decide how comfortable you want to be while lying on this mattress. An ultra-supportive firm is a great option for people who need much back and stomach support.

Choose the softer option for extra comfort when sleeping on one’s side. The flexible medium could be useful for couples with various preferred sleeping positions.