Navigating the Admissions Process for a Master’s Degree in Social Work

Are you a recent graduate and looking for a dynamic master’s course? A Master in Social Work (MSW), is your next milestone if you aspire to work at the grassroots level. You can venture into diverse occupations and be a part of philanthropic work. It is one of the rare career options offered by MSW colleges in Tamilnadu.  

Through this blog, you will be able to develop a holistic picture of what the MSW program offers. For insights on course curriculum, eligibility, admission process and career opportunities stay tuned.  

About the MSW program

Cheran Arts and Science College, affiliated with Bharathiar University offers MSW courses as a 2-year postgraduate-level program. It is one of the

best arts and science colleges in Tamilnadu offering such a rare course in multiple specialisations.

Course highlights-

Let’s look at the course offerings from MSW colleges in Tamilnadu.

Course type



2 years




20,000  to 2 LPA


  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Medical and Psychiatric
  3. Community Development.

Curriculum Design

Cheran Arts and Science College, one of the best MSW colleges in Tamilnadu has curated its MSW program to meet industry standards. To make you job-ready, there are field works, rural camps and extension activities along with theoretical courses.


No. of courses

Total credits

Core Courses



Elective courses



Concurrent courses



Block fieldwork



Project and Viva Voice



Extension Activities






The college offers 3 specialisations (elective courses) and you can expect to study the following courses within them-

Human Resource Management

Labour welfare; Labour Legislation; Human Resource Management; Industrial Relations; Organization Behaviour

Medical and Psychiatric

Community Health and Medical Social Work; Hospital Administration; Foundation of Psychiatry –I & II; Psychiatric Social Work Practice

Community Development

Rural Community Development; Urban Community Development; Welfare of Weaker Section; Social Development; Management of Non-Profit Organisation

Admission Procedure for MSW:

To ensure you have hassle-free navigation through the admission process, we have curated a guide for you-


To pursue the program from the best MSW colleges in Tamilnadu, you need to fulfil the following criteria-

  • You need to have a Bachelor’s Degree of a minimum 3-year duration or its equivalent from a recognized university.
  • Secure a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in B.S.W. / B.A. / B.Sc / BBA / BCA degree examination from/under a recognized university.

Admission process:

Ensure that you fulfil the above eligibility criteria for proceeding through admission. Next, you need to follow the following steps-

  • Applications are considered via an online portal. You are required to register with your email ID and phone number. Verify your phone number with an OTP before you proceed to the application.
  • You can also apply offline by collecting a printed admission form from the college and submitting it in the drop box.
  • You shall also be required to submit essential academic proof during the admission process.
  • Selection is confirmed after the verification of the original mark sheet, community certificate and other relevant documents.

The admission of the candidate is subject to the discretion of Bharathiar University.

In case you have any queries you can consult the admission department of the best colleges in Tamilnadu for arts and science.

Career opportunities after the MSW

MSW programs from the MSW colleges in Tamilnadu offer diverse career opportunities. As a graduate of the best MSW colleges in Coimbatore, you can pursue the following career trajectory.

Private sector:

A few job roles, that you can secure in NGOs, corporate organisations, health facilities, etc. are listed below-

Job role


Public Welfare manager

INR 2 to 5 LPA

Clinical Social Worker

INR 1 to 4.5LPA

Work with an NGO

INR 1.5 to 3 LPA

Project representative

INR 2 to 6 LPA

Human rights associate

INR 1.5 to 5 LPA

Art therapist

INR 2 to 7 LPA

Medical social worker

INR 1 to 4.5 LPA

Public policy advisor

INR 2 to 8 LPA

Govt. opportunities-

You get to work for government departments and ministries like the Ministry of Social Justice, Ministry of Women & Child Affairs, Ministry of Labour & Employment, etc. with job positions like:

  • Research Assistants
  • Project Fellow
  • Labour Welfare officer
  • Health Officer
  • General Manager
  • TraineeAssistants
  • Counselor Field Investigator

The average salary is 4.5 LPA for government employees. As you climb the seniority level, it can go above 8 LPA.


Cheran Arts and Science College has its own startup incubator, wherein you can pursue your own ambition of uplifting social work in this country by

  • Opening your NGO, for a cause you are interested in.
  • Voluntary work for self-help groups (SHGs) and international organizations like PETA, UN-peacekeepers, etc.
  • Enable the creation of other SHGs.


As we arrive at the end of this insightful journey, we are sure how transformative your journey is going to be.  You shall work at the grassroots level dealing with issues like women’s empowerment, orphan care, old age homes, etc. We are sure that you have sorted out the specialisation, which is important because the field you choose largely determines your career trajectory. MSW colleges in Tamilnadu are the few places that can put you on a track for diverse career opportunities regardless of your undergraduate course.


  1. What job will get after MSW?

After completing a 2 years program at MSW colleges in Tamilnadu, you can work for corporations, governments, NGOs and even international organizations like PETA, Greenpeace, UN, etc. as a social worker.  

  1. What is the salary of an MSW in India?

The average salary in India for MSW graduates is 2LPA. However, it depends on the sector, your job profile and years of experience. MSW graduates get the opportunity to work on diverse platforms.

  1. Which is the best specialisation for MSW?

The best specialization in terms of job opportunities would be Human Resource Management (HRM), as you get immense scope for internship and can also work as HR in corporates.

  1. What is the scope of the MSW program?

MSW program is framed by keeping industry standards in mind. With case studies, outreach programs, rural camps, etc. you develop insights on community work which opens the door for you to social outreach activities of corporations, NGOs, international organizations and even govt.