Who Is The Lead Singer Of Journey?

The lead singer of Journey took over the band after the band’s former lead singer’s departure. The Journey is a well-known American rock band that was formed in San Francisco in 1973. The band experienced its biggest commercial success between 1978 and 1987. In today’s post, I will discuss everything about who is the current lead singer of Journey.

Who Is The Lead Singer Of Journey?

Arnel Campaner Pineda is known as the lead singer of Journey and is a well-known Filipino singer and songwriter. Arnel came experienced fame in the Philippines during the 1980s and internationally in 2007. However, Steve Perry is the former lead singer of the band Journey.

Keep on reading to know about the current lead singer of Journey and what happened to the lead singer of the band Journey.

About The Lead Singer Of Journey

The new lead singer of the rock band Journey was born to Restituto Lising Pineda and Josefina Manansala Campaner. It was his mother who encouraged him to sing along to her favorite singers like Karen Carpenter and Barbra Streisand. In his childhood, his parents entered him in several singing contests.

Unfortunately, his mother died when he was 13 years old suffering from heart disease. Her illness had left the singer’s family deep in debt. They were unable to pay their apartment rent for more than six months. Later, his father decided to move out and ask relatives to take in Arnel’s siblings. Arnel even quit school and started working to ease his father’s burden.

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The singer spent two years on the streets, sleeping wherever he could. It included public parks, a narrow bench outside crowded houses, and more. He used to some money by collecting glass bottles, newspapers, and scrap metals by selling them to recyclers. Sometimes, he would also go to the pier docked ships. Arnel used to eat Marie biscuits for two days as he didn’t have much to eat.

Arnel was just 15 years old when he became the lead singer of the Filipino group Ijos. He often used to sing at a Pizza Parlor on Taft Street in Manila. Later, the member of Ijos formed a group called Amo. This group entered and won the Rock Wars contest in the Philippines. They also won the Philippines leg of the Yamaha World Band Explosion and went on to the finals in Hong Kong.

In 1990, Arnel and other Amo members formed another band named Intensity Five. They once again entered the Yamaha World Band Explosion where Arnel won the Best Vocalist award! Later, the members split from the band and formed another band behind Arnel named New Age. The lead singer of the band Journey now has a net worth of $20 million dollars.

The original lead singer of Journey was Stephen Ray Perry. His singing voice has gained more attention from prominent musical peers and publications. Do you know why did Steve Perry leave Journey? Steve was diagnosed with a degenerative bone condition. He required a hip replacement and was rushed into surgery. For the sake of Journey’s future, Perry left the band. Later, Journey’s lead singer died at the age of 79.

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Who Is The Lead Singer Of Journey Now 2022?

The band’s current lineup features Schon, a constant member, alongside keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Jonathan Cain (1980-present), lead vocalist Arnel Pineda (2007-present), drummer Deen Castronovo (1998–2015, 2021-present), keyboardist Jason Derlatka (2019-present) and bassist Todd Jensen (2022-present).

Why Did The Lead Singer Of Journey Quit?

Since leaving Journey officially in 1996 due to a crippling hip injury that prevented him from touring, Perry has been surprisingly absent from music. His lack of creative output was a stark change from his time in Journey, a band that was seemingly either on tour or in the studio for the entirety of the 1980s.

How Many Lead Singers Are There For Journey?

They have had five lead singers to date. The single component they’ve spent three decades cyclically seeking to replace is the voice of their frontman, Steve Perry, who came and went, and came and went – then disappeared. Any Journey singer needs to sound exactly like Steve Perry, and that is not easy.

Who Is Performing In Journey 2022?

JOURNEY Announce North American Freedom Tour 2022 With Special Guests BILLY IDOL, TOTO. Journey have announced the Freedom Tour 2022. Billy Idol will support on the first 22 dates, with Toto filling the slot on the remaining dates.

What Did Steve Perry Say About Arnel Pineda?

While accepting the award, Steve spoke warmly about his former bandmates, as well as the man who replaced him. “I must give a shout-out to a man who sings his heart out every night, Arnel Pineda,” Perry said.


Filipino singer and songwriter from Manila, Arnel Pineda is the new lead vocalist of the band Journey. He earned his fame in the Philippines during the 1980s and internationally in 2007. The lead singer of Journey is one of the richest members of the band.

Who is Journey’s lead singer now

Who is the lead singer of journey?