Who Is The Lead Singer Of Ambrosia?

Ambrosia is a progressive rock band from California that became popular in the 1970s. The band’s lead singer, David Pack, played an important role in the band’s success with his distinctive voice and songwriting talents.

Lead Singer Of Ambrosia

The Lead Singer of Ambrosia is David Pack. David Pack was born on July 15, 1952, in Huntington Park, California. He grew up in a musical family and began playing the guitar at a young age. As a teenager, he played in various bands and honed his skills as a songwriter. In the early 1970s, he formed Ambrosia with four other musicians: Joe Puerta, Christopher North, Burleigh Drummond, and Royce Jones.

About Lead Singer Of Ambrosia

Pack quickly became the lead singer and one of the main songwriters for the band. His distinctive voice, which has been described as smooth and soulful, helped to set Ambrosia apart from other rock bands of the time. Pack’s songwriting talents were also crucial to the band’s success. He wrote many of Ambrosia’s biggest hits, including “How Much I Feel,” “Biggest Part of Me,” and “You’re the Only Woman.”

Ambrosia’s music was characterized by its mix of progressive rock, pop, and jazz elements. The band’s unique sound was largely due to Pack’s songwriting and arrangements. He was also a talented guitarist and keyboard player and contributed to the band’s instrumental arrangements.

In addition to his work with Ambrosia, Pack has had a successful career as a solo artist and songwriter. He has released several solo albums, including “Anywhere You Go” and “The Secret of Movin’ On.” He has also worked as a producer and collaborated with other musicians, including James Ingram, Donna Summer, and Michael McDonald.

Despite Ambrosia’s success in the 1970s, the band struggled to maintain its popularity in the following decades. However, Ambrosia’s music has continued to be popular with fans of classic rock, and the band still performs today. Pack remains an important figure in the world of rock music and is recognized for his contributions to Ambrosia and the genre as a whole.

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What Happened To The Lead Singer Of Ambrosia?

After Ambrosia, David Pack pursued a solo career and produced or worked with many top artists. Pack’s 1985 solo album, Anywhere You Go, included the song “Prove Me Wrong”, which also appeared on the soundtrack of the 1985 film White Nights. Joe Puerta became a founding member of Bruce Hornsby and the Range.

Who Was The Original Lead Singer Of Ambrosia?

David Pack is the original co-founder of legendary prog-rock pop band Ambrosia, the voice and sole writer of their classic hits from the 70’s and 80’s.

Why Did Ambrosia Break Up?

During their six years apart, the four members of Ambrosia kept busy, but the old wounds healed, and the four decided to give it another shot, Puerta said. “Enough time had passed where our differences had cooled, the horrors of our contractual arrangement had faded into the past, and we were all free agents,” he said.

What Is David Pack Doing Now?

David has since gone on to produce platinum and gold-selling Grammy-nominated records over the last 30 years, including Kenny Loggins’ 3-million selling Grammy-nominated Return to Pooh Corner LP, as well as records for Aretha Franklin, Selena, Natalie Cole, Michael McDonald, Linda Ronstadt (Disney’s Cinderella) Brian

Who Is The Current Singer For Ambrosia?

Today, Ambrosia is three of the original members with the addition of guitarist Doug Jackson, contributing keyboardist Mary Harris, and powerful lead vocals of Kipp Lennon (from the band Venice).


In conclusion, David Pack was a key member of Ambrosia and played an important role in the band’s success. His distinctive voice, songwriting talents, and instrumental abilities helped to create the band’s unique sound. Pack’s contributions to Ambrosia and the world of rock music continue to be celebrated today, and his music remains a beloved part of the classic rock canon.



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