How to Keep Flower Girls Entertained During the Wedding Ceremony

So, you’ve decided to add a sprinkle of cuteness and charm to your wedding by having adorable little flower girls scatter petals down the aisle. The flower girl tradition is an old one – some say it dates back all the way to ancient Rome, and it seems just as popular today as it was back then!

It’s a fantastic idea in theory, but let’s be real for a moment – kids and weddings can be a volatile mix. As much as we adore those pint-sized angels, we also know they can unleash chaos when you least expect it.

But fear not, brides-to-be and mothers of these tiny princesses! We’ve got your back with some wickedly creative tips to keep your flower girls entertained, well-behaved, and on top of their petal-throwing game during the ceremony.

The Power of the Bribe (I Mean, Reward)

Kids are tiny beings with big appetites for fun and snacks. Why not channel that enthusiasm into something constructive? Before the ceremony, arm your flower girls with a stash of yummy goodies.

Promise them a special treat or toy if they manage to sprinkle petals without turning the aisle into their playground. Trust us, a few well-placed chocolates can work miracles!

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

Rehearsals are not just for the grown-ups! Gather your little posse of flower girls and run through their roles multiple times. Practice makes perfect, or at least less chaotic. This way, they won’t be deer caught in the headlights when the big moment arrives.

Avoid Dress Drama

We all know kids and fashion don’t always see eye to eye. Avoid any last-minute fashion catastrophes by having a dress rehearsal well before the wedding day.

If there’s something uncomfortable or that she doesn’t like about the dress, now is a much better time for you to find out than on the day of the wessing. Ensure their dresses are comfortable and easy to move in. No tiny fashionistas should be tortured in itchy tulle for hours!

Assign a Kid-Wrangler

Every flock of flower girls needs a fearless leader, a guardian of giggles, and a wrangler of wiggles. Appoint a responsible, kid-loving adult to guide the little ones throughout the ceremony. This person can be a close friend, family member, or even one of your bridesmaids.

This experienced wrangler can gently coax them down the aisle and be their go-to person if they need a quick potty break (or an escape from Aunt Martha’s unwanted cheek-pinching).

Go Activity Crazy

Children + waiting = potential disaster. Keep those impatient minds occupied by setting up a kids’ activity station. Colorful crayons, coloring books, small toys – you name it! The kids will be so busy creating their masterpieces that they might forget about the infinite wait ahead.

However, beware giving any kids, let alone your flower girl, permanent or messy coloring tools at a wedding venue. You may end up having to pay for any messes they make or walls they deface.

Embrace the Chaos

Let’s face it, we can’t control everything. Kids will be kids, and sometimes that means they’ll venture off-script. Embrace the adorably unexpected and trust that whatever happens, it will make your day even more memorable. Besides, who doesn’t love a viral flower girl video?

Make Time for Photo Ops

Add some excitement by arranging fun photo opportunities for the flower girls during the cocktail hour or reception. A photo booth with silly props or a mini scavenger hunt can keep them entertained and happy, and it’s a fantastic way to capture their infectious smiles on camera.

Keep It Short & Sweet

The attention span of little humans is about as long as their pinky fingers. Keep the ceremony short and sweet, so they don’t lose interest and start mentally planning their next playdate. If your flower girl experiences anxiety around crowds of people, your best bet is to let her do her part and then let her move to someplace she feels more comfortable.


Having flower girls at your wedding can be a delightful experience. With a sprinkle of creativity, a dash of patience, and a ton of love, you can ensure these little angels fulfill their role with grace and charm. Embrace the unpredictability, for it is in those candid moments that the magic truly happens.

Remember, a well-entertained flower girl is a happy flower girl. Happy flower girls are the true heart and soul of any wedding ceremony. Cheers to making your big day a joyful and memorable one!

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