How to excel in a GRE essay to score more?

GRE is a competitive examination and one has to prepare quite well before they sit for it. To qualify the examination, one needs good score, and that comes only from dedicated preparation and practise for months.

But one does not have to feel intimidated when it comes to GRE, because having a solid plan of preparation, and right approach one can score quite well. One can enrol themselves in a GRE coaching centre where they can get a chance to learn from the experts and prepare well.

When it comes to this examination – one can find that the questions have been divided into different sections. There is a section called Analyse an Issue essay section, which one gets only half an hour to write about where they also need to analyse the issue. It is a section where both writing skills and analytical prowess are needed.

How to write a good analytical essay?

When it comes to the GRE section of essay, one has to be quite careful about the topic and their strength of analysis as it needs both.

  • One has to read the prompt carefully, and make sure that they understand what the main topic is about. They also need to understand the position that is being presented, and if there are any underlying implications or assumptions. While reading the prompt – one can keep taking note of the requirements and elements of the prompt.
  • It is necessary to spend a few minutes so that one can brainstorm a few ideas that can relate to the given prompt. One has to consider various angles, arguments, and perspectives that they can use to support their position. Once the ideas are generated, it will be easier to create an outline where all thoughts and logics can be established for the essay.
  • When writing any essay, it is needed to write an engaging introduction. One should provide with some context for the issue, and present a clear statement that expresses their position on the given prompt. The thesis must outline the main arguments, and one will be discussing that thoroughly in the essay.
  • While writing the essay, one has to develop some strong arguments in the body. The argument is needed to be written clearly, and in an organised manner. In fact, each of the arguments should be backed by proper examples, or reasoning. They should be logically connected so that one can present a compelling case through it.
  • It is also necessary to address the counterarguments so that one can strengthen the essay. So, one should briefly discuss all the alternative viewpoints or objections they have. Responses to counterarguments can help one to showcase their ability to consider the multiple perspectives they have.
  • Expert opinions should be given to support the arguments and make them stronger. One can draw sources from history, literature, current events, and even from personal experiences. Examples can make the essay more persuasive.
  • One has to ensure that their essay flows very smoothly from one idea to another. It is necessary to use transitional words and phrases so that one can create logical connection between the paragraphs, and sentences. The paragraphs must have a clear focus and there has to be a clear progression of ideas.
  • When one reaches the conclusion, they need to summarise the main points and restate their thesis statement. Do not start any new argument in the conclusion because one has to summarize their position there.
  • Save a few minutes so that one can read the whole essay to proofread, and review it. It is necessary to check errors, spelling mistakes, and unclear sentences. One also needs to pay attention to the flow and coherence of the arguments.

Other tips to follow

  • It is necessary to choose a position from where they can support their evidence. The evidence can arrive from their own knowledge, experience, or from any outside sources. When choosing evidence – one needs to make sure that it is relevant to the issue, and it supports the position.
  • If one is writing an argument essay, then they will need to analyze the arguments and find its flaws. One also needs to identify the evidence and assumption of the argument so that they can out the identified flaws in those arguments. They can also figure out the weak points given in the prompt.
  • Best GRE classes will help one to organize the essay logically. The essay should start with an introduction, where on will introduce the issue. The body of the essay must support their position by analyzing the argument, and the conclusion should present a round-up summary.
  • The essay needs to be written in concise and clear language. It is necessary to avoid unnecessary jargons, and technical terms if they are not needed at all. Using a simple language always helps one to clear their points.
  • Before one submits their essays, it has to be proofread twice (as mentioned above) – so that one can avoid any grammatical errors, and silly spelling mistakes. A well-written essay always makes a positive impression on the examiner, and helps the candidate to get a high score.

Apart from the essay section, there are several other sections that one needs to solve when they are sitting for a GRE examination. Critical Reasoning is one of them where one can score really high if they can practice it well. If one has already enrolled to a coaching center – then they can help with the sample study materials. From classes to online coaching — anything can be attended by the applicants. In fact, these coaching centers also arrange for mock tests on a monthly basis where one can solve question papers to see where their preparation level stands at. These mock tests are quite beneficial as one can get an idea what is their strength, and at what point’s one has to work more.

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