Can You Place A Round Rug In A Rectangular Room?

Currently, area rugs come in various shapes, styles, and sizes. From the traditional rectangular shape to squares, ovals, and rounds. Many contemporary rugs shift away from standard shapes and take a more organic or geometric approach.

However, in this blog post, we will take a deeper look at round rugs. We will examine the circumstances in which round rugs work best and what to look for when selecting the right round rug for your room.

What is The Best Way To Choose A Rug Shape?

It will only emphasize the length of a room and make it feel like an echo chamber, rather than one cohesive space if a round rug is placed in a long and narrow room. A rectangular rug will be needed to echo the walls of a long and rectangular space. To make sure the furthest two walls of the room still feel connected, layer a group of large area round rugs along the length of the room if you plan to use round rugs. You can still get the curves from a round rug with the added length of an oval rug if you’re looking for one large area rug.

What is The Ideal Size For A Round Rug?

Your rug needs to be the right size. It may seem counterintuitive, but if your rug is too small in relation to your room, it will actually make the room look more crowded and busy. For a spacious and relaxed vibe, bigger is better. And that’s true no matter what shape your rug takes.

It is also essential to consider how your rug sits in relation to your furniture. The space will feel out of balance if your rug is too small compared to your dining table or sofa.

To determine the right size for your room, grab some masking tape and mark out on the floor where you think the rug should go. Then use a measuring tape to measure and note those dimensions.

You can refer to these dimensions whenever you are looking for rugs online or in retail stores. You might not be able to match these dimensions exactly, but they are a good starting point.

Under A Rectangle Table, What Shape Rug Looks Best?

You want to make sure your rug matches the shape of the dining table so that it anchors the dining space and pulls the whole room together.

When looking at round rugs to place under your rectangular dining table, choose one that stretches at least 60 centimeters beyond the edge of your table. Even when your guests’ chairs are pulled back, and everyone sits down, there will still be enough room for them to remain comfortably on the rug.

Is It A Good Idea To Put A Round Rug Under A Rectangular Coffee Table?

Rather than worrying about the rectangular coffee table, focus more on how the room is oriented and your furniture is placed. It is usually different from the place you want to draw people’s attention to or the focal point of the room, as a coffee table is only a small part of the room.

The best rugs in living rooms should accommodate all of your furniture comfortably. On the whole, rectangular rugs work best for homes that are rectangular or square-ish. Not just your coffee table, but your sofa and chairs too.

Don’t limit yourself to your rug if you have a rectangular coffee table. Choose something that anchors the room and makes you want to relax with family and friends.

Is It Possible To Put A Round Rug Under A Bed?

A large round rug off-center to your bed looks great in a large airy bedroom with lots of floor space, especially if you choose something textured and modern in a solid color.

Your children’s bedrooms can benefit from round rugs. Placed on one side of a single or king-single bed, they provide a soft landing for little feet in the morning.

What Is The Effect Of Round Rugs On The Size Of A Room?

In a smaller living area, round rugs can soften the edges and create a defined, central space to make your living area appear bigger.

Regardless of the type or shape of your rug – round, square, or otherwise – the most important aspect to get right is the size of your rug in relation to your furniture and room. If you have a living room that is too small for your furniture and the room, it will feel cluttered and busy.

In Conclusion:

If you want to create more intimate spaces in your home, such as under rectangular-shaped dining tables or in larger open-plan areas, round rugs are an excellent choice. As with rectangular, square, or any other shape or style rug, round rugs follow the same principles of space and proportion. Measure, measure, measure before you begin shopping to get a better sense of what dimensions you are looking for.