5 Reasons You’ll Love Living in Glendale, CA

Individuals can pack up their belongings and pick a new place to live fairly easily. Glendale, California, is one city to consider calling home. 

California is an expansive state that offers something for everyone. From the scenic coastal views along the CA Highway 1 or inland views from the mountainous areas, individuals can pick their geological preference and call it home.

In 2020, the Glendale population reached almost 200k residents. The size puts it as the fourth largest city in Los Angeles County and the 24th largest in the state.

Therefore, it’s not as crowded as Los Angeles, but also not a small town.

What You Should Know About Glendale

Since California sits on the west coast, some people might not realize it still has a rich history. The Pilgrims landed on the east coast; the oldest American history resides in New England.

Nonetheless, Glendale got its start in 1906. The Spanish and Tongva people once called it home. 

Then, the land passed the hands of later Spaniard generations and eventually into those of entrepreneurs, such as Leslie Coombs Brand, Henry E. Huntington, and Henry R. Harrower. 

Huntington helped the railroad pass through the city, which boosted its economy. Then, the area developed and evolved into a city known to its residents in 2023. 

The following are five reasons you’ll love living in Glendale, CA.

1. Low Crime Rate

Many individuals worry for their safety, especially at home, sleeping at night.

Glendale crime statistics rank below the national average. Therefore, most residents feel safe in the area. The reasons for the low crime rate will become apparent as we move through this list.

For example, residents will enjoy shopping in the city. The shopping is among the most high-end in the state, which indicates a higher cost of living. Homes have higher values and sit more spread out, leading to less population density. 

Even though Glendale has a low crime rate, personal injuries, and motor vehicle accidents can still occur. Residents who need legal representation can contact Avian Law Group.

2. Proximity to Downtown Los Angeles and Other Attractions

Most California people know they need a vehicle to get around. Glendale residents enjoy proximity to Downtown Los Angeles and other attractions, such as Burbank, Anaheim, and Pasadena.

Residents quickly access highways that take them north to Sacramento and south to San Diego.

The city sits at the junction of two large valleys – San Gabriel and San Fernando. 

Thus, residents can enjoy shopping and eating locally. Residents can also head to Hollywood, Universal City, and Long Beach by hopping on one of the freeways. 

Individuals without owning or having access to a vehicle can enjoy local and Los Angeles public transportation. 

3. Pleasant Year-Round Weather

California cities attract new residents annually, and part of the draw is the pleasant year-round weather. 

Although Glendale does not sit on the coast, it still experiences weather that reaches the low 90s in the summer and low 70s in the winter.

It rains during the winter, but it doesn’t snow. Plus, the summers become hot but remain manageable. 

Therefore, residents can enjoy running errands locally or commuting to work without several weather hazards and impediments. In addition, residents can enjoy the local hiking trails, theaters, and parks without fear of getting caught in a downpour.

4. Robust Economy

The local government officials will gladly point out that major companies have established their headquarters in the Jewel City, including Walt Disney, IHOP/Applebees, Public Storage, and Dreamworks.

It’s quite a coup since Burbank is known as the Media Capital of the World. Yet, Glendale still managed to snag some essential companies. 

Since the above companies and others picked Glendale as their home, residents enjoy local employment opportunities. 

For example, residents might work for DreamWorks, or they can find employment with the Glendale Unified School District, Glendale Memorial Medical Center, or the city itself.

5. City Services

Cities with robust economies have the funding to offer their residents more services. Services range from public libraries to community centers. 

Glendale is home to the Glendale Public Library, three hospitals, and 20 public schools. 

Current residents tend to reside in higher income brackets since the cost of living in the area is higher than in others. However, it translates into nice shopping areas like the Glendale Galleria.

Therefore, residents can enjoy the city’s services and offerings from private entities. 

The City uses its position to attract tourists who can enjoy the local attractions, downtown area, and local businesses. 


Individuals will love living in Glendale, CA, for several reasons. The low crime rate, proximity to attractions, and pleasant year-round weather rank among the top.