Who Is The Lead Singer Of Genesis?

The lead singer of Genesis recorded several singles in the 1970s. The band’s songs are so deep-rooted that they’ll touch your soul. In today’s post, we’ll discuss how many lead singer has Genesis had in detail.

Who Is The Lead Singer Of Genesis?

The lead singer of Genesis is Peter Brain Gabriel, who is also an English musician, songwriter, record producer, and activist. Peter was born in Chobham, Surrey, England to Ralph Parton Gabriel and Edith Irene Gabriel.

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About The Lead Singer Of Genesis

Peter was raised in a middle-class family in Coxhil. He attended Cable House, a private primary school in Woking, Surrey. Later on, he went to St Andrew’s Preparatory School for Boys in Horsell, Surrey. During his school days, his teachers noticed his singing talent. But he opted for piano lessons from his mother and also developed an interest in drumming.

At the age of 12, Genesis’ lead singer Peter wrote his first song “Sammy the Slug”. His aunt gave him money for professional singing lessons. In the Charterhouse public school, Peter was a drummer and vocalist for his first band: M’Lords. In 1965, he formed Garden Wall with his school friends Tony Banks and Chris Stewart. Banks and Gabriel were not interested in school activities but bonded over music and started to write songs.

Now, you must be wondering who was the lead singer of Genesis before Peter. From 1996 to 2000, Raymond Wilson was the lead singer of the band Genesis. Raymond started a band called Guaranteed Pure in the 1990s. This band also included Paul Holmes, Steve Wilson, John Haimes, and Chris Cavanagh. He joined Genesis after the band’s lead singer Phil Collins announced his departure in 1996.

Phil Collins was the drummer as well as the lead singer of the rock band Genesis. He also had a career as a solo performer. Phil was born in southwest London to Greville Philip Austin Collins and Winifred June Collins. He was the youngest of three children. At the age of 12, Collins received basic piano and music tuition from his father’s aunt. In fact, he never learned to read or write musical notation.

After Raymond and Phil, Peter was declared the original lead singer of Genesis. Peter married twice and has four children as of now. He was just 21 when he got married to Jill Moore. The couple together had two daughters, Anna-Marie and Melanie. Both of them also appeared in the final sequence of the song Sledgehammer.

It was later discovered that Moore was having an affair with David Lord. Peter and Jill ended in divorce in 1987. After his divorce, Peter went through a period of depression and often attended therapy sessions. Peter lived with Rosanna Arquette for a while after his divorce. The couple maintained an on-and-off relationship. In 2002, Peter married Meabh Flynn and had two sons.

However, genesis band members included Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford, Steve Hackett, Tony Banks, and others. Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks were Genesis guitarists. Afterward, the band began touring and signed with Charisma Records. It also became a progressive rock band on Trespass.

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Who Is The Original Lead Singer Of Genesis?

Peter Gabriel

Formed in January 1967, the group originally consisted of lead vocalist and flutist Peter Gabriel, guitarist Anthony Phillips, bassist and guitarist Mike Rutherford, keyboardist Tony Banks and drummer Chris Stewart.

Who Was The Last Lead Singer Of Genesis?

Replacing two iconic singers, however, is a different story. And it’s the near impossible challenge that Scottish vocalist Ray Wilson faced in 1996 when Genesis hired him to replace Phil Collins, who had taken over for Peter Gabriel two decades earlier.

How Did Phil Collins Became Lead Singer Of Genesis?

Genesis advertised for a replacement in Melody Maker and received around 400 replies. After a lengthy auditioning process, during which he sang backup vocals for applicants, Collins became the band’s lead vocalist during the recording of their album A Trick of the Tail.

What Was Genesis Most Successful Album?

After the success of No Jacket Required, his pop career became so intertwined with the band’s output that the two could barely kept separate. This eventually led to Invisible Touch, by far Genesis’ best-selling album.

Why Is Genesis So Good?

Genesis’s evocative lyrics, innovative musicianship, and all-around artistry have defined them since their prog-tastic early days, the era when Rolling Stone called them “a new contender for the coveted British weirdo-rock championship.” The textural elements and atmospheric grooves that characterize their songs mean …

What Is The Longest Song To Ever Hit Number 1?

“Old Town Road” holds the record for the longest stretch at No. 1 with 19 weeks. It also became the fastest song in history to be certified diamond.


Peter was described as one of rock’s most political musicians by AllMusic. He was the driving force behind the World of Music, Arts, and Dance (WOMAD) movement. The lead singer of Genesis was in world music for his third solo album.

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