How To Separate PDF Document Pages?

A portable document file (PDF) is a common type of file used to share information. The information can be in the form of images, written form, or tables. It is a large file, and sometimes it is necessary to separate some pages for specific purposes.

Are you in search of separating PDF document pages?

It becomes really crucial when the original PDF file takes a long time to open or proceed. When a PDF file is large, it causes problems with formatting; therefore, we split it. When a large file is divided into small sections, it is easy to open and manage.

You need to have proper skills if you are going to extract some data from a PDF file, create a new file, or organize your information. Here we will discuss why you need to separate a PDF file into pages.

Why to separate PDF file?

It helps in collaboration

The reader can easily browse the file because it is organized, and this also adds security as the client can hide subtle information. Also, it helps fulfill some specific needs.

Increases teamwork

If you are leading a team and want to assign different tasks to different people, you can distribute different document pages to each team member. This strategy helps complete the project on time.


For safety purposes, the manager of a team can restrict the flow of information. To remain safe from competitors, it is sometimes important to protect confidential data such as market share, customer trends, and spending patterns.

Time saver

The reader of a PDF file can organize the file into different sections, topics, or chapters, making it a lot easier to access information without wasting time.

Smaller vision for easy sharing

Most PDF files contain unreasonably long pages that are not needed by the user. So, splitting the PDF file means the individual can attach specific sections to the document.

How do I separate PDF document pages with iTop PDF?

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The internet is full of online tools that have the potential for quick navigation and credible results. However, if we talk about the best one, then iTop PDF comes out on top. You can do unlimited editing using this tool, regardless of the file size. This PDF editor works not only online but also offline to protect user data from theft or leakage. Here are the steps to separate PDF document pages using iTop.

Step 1: Download and install iTop PDF for free on your computer.

Step 2: Launch the software and click on the Open PDF section.

Step 3: In the Pages Section Click on Split PDF to move forward.

Step 4: According to the page range, bookmarks, or the number of pages, split your PDF file.

Step 5: Pick a location to save the file. Click Split to divide the PDF file.


Features of using iTOP PDF


  • The PDF Editor is a great tool that helps you edit, divide, use watermarks, and compress PDF files.
  • This is an all-in-one tool that works well with all kinds of PDFs.
  • The PDF Editor is lightweight and requires very little storage.